Welcome to the A Simple Request WikiEdit

A Simple Request is a D&D campaign run by Ced Seaman which deals with the Fey and associated worlds. This will be updated periodically with information about the characters and campaign as we go, for a sort of record-keeping.

A World of Faeries and MagicEdit

The party is presently in service to an ambitious fey named Asther, who seeks to become a noble with their own house in the Spring Court.

Where to Start? Edit

This wiki is mostly for reference purposes, so you should be able to search up the pages you're wanting to look for, but here are some categories (which I will fill out as time goes on):

The Party - The Player Characters page serves as reference to who is playing and whose characters are presently active in the story.

Notable NPCs - There is not a category page for this yet, as there are not many NPCs in the story yet. Example pages (which are still in progress) are Asther and Lyrus Aerithil.

Bestiary - This is a sort of manual of monsters the party encounters that I'd like to include here. As adventure arcs end, I'll populate this section with the new monsters encountered and some of the information the party knows about them.

Factions - The Feywild is rife with politics and competing factions. Expect sections like the Knights of Blossoms to be added as they're introduced.

Latest activityEdit

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