Asther is a high fey of the Spring Court, and the patron noble of The Party. They are a little eccentric and awkward when dealing with mortals, but among other fey they are graceful and have a sharp wit. Their aspiration is to form their own noble house and be able to attend the Spring Court as an equal to the other noble fey.

Relationship to Mortals Edit

Asther is known to mingle with denizens of the prime material plane more often than many other fey of the Spring or Summer courts. They married a mortal, Lyrus, which is strange for a number of reasons; to start, fey don't typically marry as that is largely a mortal tradition. In addition, intimacy with a mortal is seen as strange at best and abhorrent at worst.

The Party consists of largely mortals as well, which is unheard of in the noble houses of the Spring court. Mortals are typically seen as small-minded and unable to focus on the big picture, which makes them unfit for service as champions. Perhaps Asther just finds them interesting, but they certainly have a fondness for mortals which most fey do not.

Standing in the Spring Court Edit

Other than their aspirations to be a noble suggesting they are not presently one, Asther's relationship to the Spring Court is largely unknown.