This is a collection of monsters seen in different places throughout the campaign. I will try and keep this updated as new creatures are encountered.

Prime Material Plane Edit

These are creatures which are found in the land of mortals, unaligned with the Feywild.

Wolf - You know what wolves are, come on. Seen in the Snowsilver mountains, but likely live in many of the wilderness areas in the Prime Material Plane.

Spring Court Edit

These creatures are aligned with the playful and mischievous parts of the Feywild. Generally they aren't malevolent, but they can certainly be vindictive or territorial.

Boggart - Squat, cheery relatives of the goblin. Not too bright, can only speak Goblin and Sylvan

Summer Court Edit

These creatures are aligned with the elegant and proud Summer Court. They tend to be dignified, graceful and egocentric.

Dryad - Tree spirits which delight in gossip and intrigue. Generally helpful, sometimes very petty. Speak Druidic and Sylvan.

Autumn Court Edit

Creatures of the Autumn Court are old and somewhat despondent. Autumn creatures are generally wary, patient and stoic.

Winter Court Edit

The Winter Court is a very harsh, albeit beautiful. Creatures from this part of the Feywild tend toward being resilient, distrustful and neurotic.

Snow Elemental - These elementals were created by a collision of the elemental planes of air and water. Some of the expelled creatures found their homes in the harshest parts of the Winter Court, but will occasionally venture out into the Prime Material Plane. Snow elementals tend to be extremely small when they're created, but the longer they live they can grow seemingly indefinitely. Most snow elementals are no larger than a big house cat.

Avalanche Elemental - If a snow elemental lives long enough, it can grow to be closer to the size of a bear. These Avalanche elementals watch over their smaller kin and are extremely suspicious of strangers.