Lyrus is the husband of Asther, an elf which carries himself with nobility and grace. He toes the line between the Feywild and the prime material plane, often serving as Asther's eyes and ears on the other side of the mist.

Relationship to the Party Edit

Lyrus is somewhat of a guide to the party. He gave them Asther's trial in the town of Varisfall, and led them to the Feywild after they passed. He is fairly protective of Asther, who is largely naive to the ways of mortal culture, and as such works as a sort of mouthpiece for his spouse when they have a hard time explaining to the group what they need.

History With the Feywild Edit

Not much is known about Lyrus's history with the Feywild, but he is decidedly mortal even though he is married to a fey.