Below is a list of NPCs encountered by the party for quick reference.

Mortals Edit

Lyrus Aerithil Is the mortal husband of Asther.

Mama Greelie is the mastermind behind the Nightrunners, an organization of merchants and couriers known for being the fastest company west of the Silverspire Range (and maybe further!)

Mortimer is formerly the prince of the Moon Rat kingdom, but after the accident which launched them from their home plane, he is effectively the only leader the remaining moon rats have.

Fey Edit

Asther is an upstart noble of the Spring Court, and the patron of the party. Personally fond of riddles and games, they want to form their own noble house and have a presence in the Spring Court.

Tilsar, the Father Maple, is a servant of the pumpkin king Variz and one of the few members of the Autumn Court outside of the Feywild. He has been on the Prime Material Plane for Millennia, and is likely much older than that.